Louis Garb is qualified to practice in Israel, South Africa and Botswana.  In addition he is a Jurisconsulte for Monaco and has received official recognition from the English Law Association as an expert practitioner in the field of private international law. He is the Israeli member of Justinian, a vice president of the AEA and a member of the AJLAJ. He has lectured on the subject of enforcement and inheritance both in Israel and abroad and gives expert opinions for the Israel courts in these fields.

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Garb's publications in the field of international law include the following:

 -Enforcement of Foreign Judgments (Kluwer Law International 1995).  This work, now in its thirtieth edition, covers more than eighty jurisdictions and has received wide critical approvaI

 -International Succession (Kluwer Law International, 1998)

 -International Kidnapping (Brill, Holland 2008)

 -International Succession (Oxford University Press, 2010). This work has been widely praised. A new edition will be published at the end of 2014

He designed and was the first to introduce a system of a standard questionnaire to be answered by expert practitioners in each jurisdiction in order to provide guides for practitioners which enable them to deal with  practical problems with the minimum of academic or case material.  All of the above works are based on this system. He stresses the practicality of these works. He is not an academic but rather an active practitioner in the fields of litigation and probate in particular. 

In addition to his own books, he has contributed the chapter on enforcement of foreign judgments in the book “Israel Business Law” and is presently contributing the Israeli chapter in a forthcoming work edited by David Franklin on limitation of actions.


Garb's particular forte is the ability to deal with multi-jurisdictional problems, for example, bringing to a successful conclusion an action for an Israeli client injured in Thailand by a Swedish defendant, with questions of jurisdiction and involving Thai, Swedish and Israeli law. Another example was an inheritance dispute which resulted in simultaneous actions in Israel, Monaco and California prior to a multi-million dollar settlement. A complex insolvency dispute involved involved Australia, Poland, England, and Israel.

Wherever necessary he co-opts another counsel who is expert in the same field.He is also open to proposals of contingency arrangements in appropriate matters.